Hanne Juul

Hanne Juul

From Swedish Alf Hambe to Icelandic saga

For thirty years as an artist, Hanne Juul has sung for people in all contexts - from the intimate cottage environment to the large festival stage. For children and adults in school and care, at conferences and cultural events, in churches and concert halls. She has toured and participated in radio and TV in all the Nordic countries with trips down to Europe. She has participated in various Nordic composite artist groups and has also sung techno music with the group Nåid, among others. at Hultsfred and the Roskilde Festival.

The repertoire is Nordic and consists mainly of lyrical literary songs with folk and humorous elements - usually accompanied by your own guitar. It also contains a number of storytelling programs with legends, fairy tales and songs from the Nordic folklore. Hanne's children's programs are mysteriously cozy and eerily terrifying performances.

Right now, Hanne is collaborating with Mats Bjarki Gustavii and Joakim Rolandson in the Hanne Juul trio, an exciting constellation with classical pianist, jazz saxophonist and singer who together put the set word in focus. Among the large number of concert organizers who have hired Hanne over the years are several county music centers, Rikskonserter, SR, SVT and Bok & Bibliotek in Gothenburg.