Hannah Twelve

Hannah Twelve

Hannah Twelve

Her music comes at you in a surge of emotion. Relentless, wild and magnificent. It sprawls and expands in natural extensions of her phenomenal voice. It expands, expands and lives as a natural extension of her phenomenal voice. 

Singer and composer Hannah Tolf's artistic vision and unmistakable signum live and thrive in a singular hybrid sound world where jazz's longing for freedom is mixed with the soul's emotional intellect in slowly mutating pop structures.

In instrumental undertows of broad, throbbing bottoms, wondrous chord changes and powerful melodies, everything is forced to the surface and taken apart.

Her voice rests or towers alternately - natural, processed or in thick unison layers. The ruptured and forever sweet is patiently treated in words as well as in infused acoustic and electronic soundscapes. Improvisation is central, and the free expression is never lost, in creation or presentation.

The critically acclaimed record debut The Park was released in 2014 on Havtorn Records and was described by the media as "a tribute to life and man". The album established Hannah Tolf and her quartet with Donovan von Martens (bass), Jonathan Albrektson (synths, piano) and Emil Blommé (drums) on the cutting-edge experimental and alternative music scene.

The band toured frequently, nationally and internationally, in support of the album,
with gigs at festivals as well as on jazz, pop and rock stages around Scandinavia, France, Italy and Germany. Hannah Tolf is currently working on the next record with the quartet which has a planned release in 2022 on Havtorn Records.


"A classic Nordic jazz sound with pop tones of remarkable taste and quality. The creative and strong quartet works through an original, delicate, deep and highly suggestive repertoire, whilst leaving room for high-quality improvisational moments."
about concert at Südtirol Jazz Festival 2018: Jazzitalia.net


Südtirol Jazz Festival (IT), GMLSTN JAZZ, Tonerre de Jazz (FR), Tampere Hall (FI), Umeå Jazz Studio, Lasses Kvarter, Melodica Festival (DE & FR), Jazz i Parken, Örebro Konserthus, Jazz i Växjö, Shigawake Music Festival (CA), Urkults Konsertförening, Rockwood (US), Malmö Live, Match & Fuse (GB), Nefertiti, 12 Points Festival (IR), Nasjonal Jazz Scene (NO), Lalala (PL)

"One of the country's most captivating artists and songwriters"
Johannes Lundberg, musician & arranger