Hanna Thiel

Hanna Thiel

Spirit of Gambo - a crackling baroque program full of virtuosity, joy and melancholy.

A gamba may seem like a strange mix - it is played with a string, but has seven strings and bands like a guitar. But the gamba has old roots, for 500 years it has enchanted its listeners and even today it enchants with its beautiful sound. During the Baroque, it was established that the sound of the gamban was unique in arousing the listener's emotions, so the instrument was used in many different contexts.
The wonderful gamba also had a weakness - its weakness! The more powerful cello took the place of the gamban. And the vulture fell into oblivion.

Marais, the court gambler in Versailles, wrote adorable melodies that take listeners on a journey between dream and reality. Here, the gamban becomes a delightful narrator.
In Bach's passions, it mildly presents the most heartbreaking commandments.
However, one should not think that the vulture lacks temperament. Forqueray presented another side - raw and powerful is his music and devilish was his playing.
Captain Hume used the gamban as a mouthpiece for his humor and his mood.