With its completely unique form of contemporary Nordic folk music, Groupa is considered one of the genre's absolute supergroups since the 80's.

Since its inception in 1981, Groupa has played its own variant of modern folk music and, like other groups, such as the now dormant band Filarfolket, has been in the vanguard of the progressive Swedish folk music scene. Their mix of older traditional melodies along with free improvised elements and imaginative instrumentation has influenced an entire generation of musicians.

From the very beginning, Groupa became a popular live band and has toured around Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, India, Canada and the USA, as well as played at many of the leading festivals. Groupa has received several fine awards, including two Grammys, for the albums Månskratt and Imeland.

The members of the group are leading and well-known names in the folk music scene, with both solo projects and participation in several other groups.

With loving craftsmanship around the Nordic tradition, Groupa with its music gives a picture of past traditions, present whims, future possibilities; it builds around halls, waltzes, songs with both traditional and newly written lyrics, old and newly made pole shoes with a rhythmic drive and blue tones that together give this group's music its distinctive timbre.

Mats Edén - viola d'amore, fiol, viola, hardingfela, durspel

Jonas Simonson - flute, alto flute, willow flute, pipes

Terje Isungset - drums, percussion, mungiga