Gothenburg Alternative Orchestra

Gothenburg Alternative Orchestra

Jorge Alcaide has gathered 20-40 musicians who explore the orchestral form as a natural place for cultural and musical diversity.

GAO is an orchestra project based in Gothenburg that gives concerts, actions in the public space and or workshops. They consist of 20-40 musicians who have explored and developed the orchestral form from a contemporary perspective and take advantage of the musical diversity that already exists in society by transcending different musical and cultural genres and traditions and by using the knowledge and backgrounds of musicians.

They work with both adult and young audiences, preferably conceptually in collaborations and based on playfulness, interactivity, improvisation and critique of norms. The orchestra is led by Jorge Alcaide from Quartango and Lecheburre, among others. GAO is available in mini format with 8-10 musicians but comes into its own in a larger format.
Since 2013, they have played on established stages, festivals, inaugurations and schools and had collaborations with the Halland region and the Municipality of Gothenburg.
By exploring new constellations and working methods, GAO is an alternative orchestra in the true sense of the word.

Hale Herberg, cello
Bruno Faria, flute
Helena Strandberg, violin
Žofie Kašparová, flute
Lena Holst, alto saxophone and piano
Alicia Lázaro Arteaga, piano and vocals
Robin Backgård, trumpet
Klas Nilsson, trumpet and tuba
Paulina Moberg, trombone
Erik Dahl, trombone
Farshad Saremi, Camanche
Payman Miraghasi, violin & gheyshak
Dara Ali, violin
Mohammed Nader, violin
Nooshin Hashemian, violin
Karin Wiberg, violin
Åsa Johansson, violin and vocals
Sara Nilsson, violin / viola
Katja Eilertsen, violin
Hanna Shelter, viola
Samir Mehmed, viola and Bouzoki
Elin Wood, cello
Leonor Palazzo, cello
Ellen Sjö Sander, Marimba
Anki Wallgren, vocals
Merje Kägu, electric guitar
Stefan Bergman, bass and guitar
Åsa Eriksson, double bass
Jonas Nilsson, Double Bass
Assane Sane, West African percussion
Tapha Ndiongue, percussion
Anders Waernelius, percussion
Ebba Westerberg, berimbau, percussion
Nahuel Ivalo, Bombo '
Luis Muñoz, charango & pan flute
Felipe Botero, synth
Jorge Alcaide, vocals, flutes