Gothenburg Jazz Orchestra

Gothenburg Jazz Orchestra

18 musicians! Some own and some borrowed from high quality and always with emphasis on gaming joy and audience contact!

Gothenburg Jazz Orchestra (GJO) is the big band that has quickly established itself as one of the strong jazz forces in Gothenburg. Under the motto "jazz is fun", the 18-man band has played the first Monday of every month at Contrast Public House on 3e Långgatan under the direction of Johan Borgström. The band also plays at parties and events.

"The Gothenburg Jazz Orchestra is amazingly good!" (Mats Hallberg i The Orchestra Journal)

“There is no better big band to experience live. What a luxury to have it in Gothenburg! ” (Anders Nyrenius from the audience)

Group members

Johan Borgström
Andreas Hall
Pontus Pohl
Friden Tolke
Andreas Thurfjell
Jacob Sollerman
Fredrik Wiklund
Anders Carlsson
Ella Wennerberg
Johnny Olsson
Patrik Jansson
Robin Rydqvist
Mats Eklund
Adam Ross: drums
Michael Andersson: percussion
Olli Rantala: bass
Per Johansson: piano
Erik Weissglas: guitar