go: tango

go: tango

go: tango offers Argentine tango that seduces and touches

go: tango mainly plays traditional tango from the Rio de la Plata area. To this are added Evert Taube's Argentina-inspired songs, and harsh Finnish tango. The song has a prominent role in our composition, the lyrics in Spanish, Swedish and Finnish convey stories and feelings of longing, pain and great love.

This experienced trio gives concerts and performances where dance and photographs can also be included, then in collaboration with dancers, photographers, other musicians and artists. All to offer an experience for all the senses. The trio plays regularly on the Lunchteaterscenen at the Stadsteatern in Gothenburg.

go: tango's repertoire is suitable for seated or dancing audiences. Maybe you want to try dancing to a live tango orchestra of a lifetime?

Anna Heikkinen, singer with a heart in Latin America and roots in Finland and Bohuslän

Bernt Andersson, accordionist and music profile from Gothenburg

Daniel Turano, one of the world's leading pianist soloists in tango. From Buenos Aires