Fools Without a Map

Fools Without a Map

Genre-crossing ensemble from Gothenburg with headstrongly composed music and lyrics.

The group is looking for new experimental sounds and expressions together with texts that deal with everything from deep existential issues to a warm humanistic and humorous everyday magic.
The group consists of musicians with different backgrounds ranging from jazz, rock, soul, classical and world music

Comments from the audience:
-It sounds like Mahavishnu Orchestra and Zawinul!
- Laurie Andersson had become happy to kiss
- Wonderful concert with fun, twisted and exciting music
- It sounds like Bowie and Zappa spiced with a little Bacharch
- You make me think of New York
- What a unique sound
- It sometimes sounds like film music
- I want to dance


Group members:

Anci Hjulström: song and various voices
Jan Kardell: vocals, electric bass, percussion, pads / sound
Åsa Johansson: vocals, violin
Michael Andersson: vocals, drums
Tommy Olsson: guitars