Powerful and dynamic hybrid people with roots in Swedish and Eastern European folk music

FLOCKEN offers an open interaction with nerve, spontaneity and a strong sense of now where everyone takes and gives a large place, and is happy to attract the audience to dance. The band has been around since 2011 and is now up to date with their debut album Altona, which is the result of four years of intense touring and musical exploration between four strong musicians; Two with their feet in folk music and two in jazz.

The group's many European tours with performances in everything from street squares and more obscure places, to established stages and clubs have shaped them and also given shape to the album. Altona is the district in Hamburg where FLOCKEN has returned on several occasions and the album is a tribute to the street meeting and the euphoria, power and harmony that can be found there. The music contains meetings between musicians, genres, free improvisation, strict arrangements, tradition and innovation. The inspiration is taken from klezmer as well as Swedish and Balkan folk music and mixed with influences of tango, Bulgarian folk music and jazz.

Altona is released on the record company Kakafon Records, which is previously behind album releases from several established folk and world music groups such as Kaja, Navarra, Den Fule and Goodland Trio.