Ship 6

Ship 6

Strange, heartfelt and reversible. Ship 6 music puts Sweden on the map for new Scandinavian jazz.

Ship 6 plays an idiosyncratic artistic jazz and was started in 2014 on the initiative of vocalist and composer Matilda Andersson together with saxophonist and composer Daniel Gahrton.

Modern and melancholy jazz in Swedish with poetry as the building block that rests on strong melodic compositions. The music is minimalist and grand. Playful but also thoughtful.

They have been praised for their original expression and special setting with double dark wind with clear influences from show and improvisational music.

Already in the debut EP "The First" it was clear that the group has something completely unique to contribute on the music scene. In their second album "Allt Faller" the sound was further developed and in 2021 their third album will be released on PACAYA records.

The band has toured actively and represented 2019 Sweden in Nordic Jazz Comets. For most of 2020, the band has been working on new music that will be released in the fall of 2021 in the album osmund by PACAYA records ..

Ship 6 Also has a music performance for children / young people which can be found in Kulturkatalogen Väst:


The band consists of: 

Matilda Andersson: singing
Daniel Gahrton: baritone saxophone
Lisa Grotherus / Robert Nevén: bass clarinet
Milton Öhrström: piano
Boel Mogensen: double bass
Maria Dahlin: drums

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