Eriksson / Myhr / Malmström

Eriksson / Myhr / Malmström

Newly composed folk music with elements of improvisation and counterpoint.

Eriksson / Myhr / Malmström is a Swedish / Norwegian trio that plays newly composed folk music on guitar, harding fiddle and clarinet / bass clarinet. With elements of improvisation and tuning based on techniques borrowed from counterpoint, the trio has found an exciting musical expression. The guitar's melodic and contrapuntal role adds a new nuance, and the harding fiddle and clarinet go beyond their roles as melodic instruments through improvised soundscapes and accompaniment.

“New Swedish-Norwegian super trio! Exquisite, modern folk music that we want to hear more of. ” Lira Music Magazine

Thomas Eriksson (composer / guitar)
Helga Myhr (harding fiddle)
Anna Malmström (clarinet / bass clarinet)