Erik & Magnus

Erik & Magnus

Songs from a bygone era. Maybe as relevant today as when the songs were once written.

Funny and sentimental. Political and romantic. Here, an entertaining and touching show is promised with songs from the time of the crank gramophone, with choreography, vocals and dramatic performances. We do incredibly well both live and in pictures!

The repertoire works well for both pilsner sausage and champagne with an audience consisting of young, old, bearded hipsters, left-wing and right-wing feminists, former Swing pranksters and Nalen beans. So meaningful for most people…

Erik Drougge, vocals, step and violin, is a musician and artist who has made music and acted in a variety of theater, musical, opera and ballet productions around Sweden.

Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson, vocals and guitar, is a musician and artist with a broad repertoire of both his own material and songs from genres such as folk music, songs, ethnic music, pop, rock, jazz and theater music.