Erik Dahl Solo Piano

Erik Dahl Solo Piano

Melodic, melancholic and personal composer and pianist.

Erik Dahl is a composer and pianist who is full of discovery. His music is melodic, melancholic and personal. Many describe the music as cinematic and visual.

The desire to make a piano record was awakened in an unexpected place. In 2018, Erik heard a solo concert with a folk singer at Saltoluokta mountain station. She said: 'This song has been with me for 15 years'. The words went right in. Then he started writing songs.

At Music For Small Rooms, the piano takes center stage. The music can be performed entirely acoustically, but Erik likes to enhance it with field recordings, organic beats and live electronics.

Erik's music has been noticed and praised by record reviewers in Sweden, the USA, Canada and Holland. Genres often mentioned are pop, jazz, classical, folk and ambient.

about Music For Small Rooms:
"It's best enjoyed in small rooms but deserves to be embraced by wide audiences." 
5/5 (Canada)

"It's music where you forget what genre it might be, but there are definitely cinematic features. " Lira

"A musical gem." Best of Right Now in Rootsy, May 2022.
"Like a modern mix of Erik Satie, John Cage and Chopin via Björn J:son Lindh."
"an essential spin for the erudite modern music enthusiast."