A Pretty Small Theater

A Pretty Small Theater

Petter and his four goats - Classic fairy tale told with humor, excitement and music!

Old man Petter and his old cat Murre Svart will tell about the goats and the angry troll Ludenben. But how did it really happen? The old man has a bit of a hard time remembering and the cat has to help him on the run.

With warmth, playfulness and newly composed music, En Ganska Liten Teater has dramatized the timeless story with the classic rhymes free after Einar Norelius' book.


Magnus Ekman & Ingvar Örner

Directed by: Claes-Göran Turesson

Set / Decor: Lisa Davis

Music: Magnus Ekman

Magnus Ekman - freelance musician, composer and choir teacher. Has participated in several children's theater productions, including with Teater Pellerin.

Ingvar Örner - Actor and musician. Theater, film and television. Participates in and runs Teater Trixter, one of Sweden's most established free groups.

“A fantastic theater with very nice music and wonderful scenery”

votes from Astris Gatas Preschool, Gothenburg 2015

"Super good!"

Scary and fun!

Lots of laughs from all ages.

children and staff at Äppelgården's preschool,

Ale 2016