EMRIK and Wefunky Band

EMRIK and Wefunky Band

EMRIK and Wefunky Band – The Master of Funk back in top form with a new live band!

Welcome to EMRIK and Wefunky Band - Northern Europe's best funk band is back in top form with a brand new live band! With the legendary EMRIK as bandleader and singer (known from Stonefunkers), and the amazing singer Johanna Hjort and the masterful rapper and percussionist Gonzo Reyes on stage, this is a show you don't want to miss!
Funk, soul, disco and hip hop – EMRIK and Wefunky Band has it all and is perfect for all types of events, from rock stages and cultural centers to private parties and corporate events. Experience their own material and Stonefunk classics live on stage and feel the pulse rise with their lovely grooves.
And that's not all - EMRIK is very current with two new albums: the exuberant funk album Celebration and the energetic live album Stompin' at Fasching. Don't miss the chance to experience Northern Europe's best funk band and their new material live on stage!

listen here: https://linktr.ee/emrikfromsweden


Infectious and life-affirming funk, A wonderfully vital record with the singer and songwriter M-Rock in the center. - Andreas Lagercrantz - the magazine LIRA

You pour on with blow, whack-whack, dance, love and party.

How can you not want to be at that party?- Johan Lindqvist Gothenburg Post

Lush and sometimes quite brilliant party monsters, Keep your fingers crossed for a tour, because it can be any fun. - Anna Hellsten Southern Sweden

On stage:

 M-Rock Emrik – vox

Johanna Hjort - vox

Gonzo Reyes - vox, rap, lead percussion

Andy V Wallén - guitar, vox

Danny the dog Helgesen - keys, vox

Basberra - bass

Lade K Källfelt - drums