Emma and the Jazz Crusaders

Emma and the Jazz Crusaders

Boat jazz with Emma and the Jazzcrusaders! (children 5 - 10 years)

Join a sail in the right breeze, in a storm or completely without wind in the sails! Sometimes you feel so very small and sometimes you have to be brave and strong! The crew includes four fantastic jazz musicians who lead the ship into port - And remember: Together we are strong!

With the help of stories and imaginative sound illustrations, we enter the fantastic world of music and get to meet both fish that want to be bitten and… .yes, who exactly are we allowed to meet out in the moonlight?

Emma and the Jazzcrusaders offer a bunch of songs that give children recognition when you are happy and strong, and maybe also when you feel pathetic and scared. Emma is a singer, rhythmician and singing teacher with many years of experience in singing and teaching.