Blues, country and oldtime! Duo with musical roots in American folk music.

From fire and storm we were born, great wonderful shadowy creatures, dark as rooks, lustful as restless waves rumbling towards the harbor. 

Gothenburg-based duo Eldstorm has their musical roots in American folk music. Elin Engberg has previously been heard in audience favorites such as Det Blev Handgemäng and Swing Tarturo. Hannah Shermis has long been a beloved voice in music Sweden and now plays in the country trio My Dear Companion. Since 2014, the duo has made themselves known on blues scenes around the country and Europe under the name The Storm and The Four, who appreciated and respected interpreters of blues, country and oldtime. In recent years, the band has begun to devote themselves to their self-composed music and in 2019, they marked their new musical direction by changing their name to Eldstorm.

Eldstorm released their debut album Permanent soil 2020 at Forfallet Records. A reverence for the American old-time sound shines through clearly on the album, where instruments such as autoharpa, dulcimer and banjo have been given a leading role. The album is also a bold exploration of a rawer, more modern sound, where a large soundscape has emerged and added a mysterious, darker touch to the music. One hears clear influences from the 60's American folk revival and artists like Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, and sometimes the thoughts are brought to David Bowie's early 70's.


You can book Eldstorm as a duo where they play acoustic and stripped down versions of their own songs, or as a full band with the guest musicians guitarist Christoffer Johansson and drummer Emanuel Svensson. As a full band, Eldstorm has a rawer, rockier 60's sound, more like what is heard on their debut album.