Duo Special

Duo Special

Bold exploration of new sounds and expressions with piano and recorder.

Duo SärArt consists of recorder player Ida Höög and pianist Anna Christensson.

They are both very interested in exploring the sound possibilities of their respective instruments and have each collaborated with a large number of Swedish and foreign composers.

Puppets, Puppets, is a newly written work for recorder, grand piano, objects and electronics by Mansoor Hosseini. The piece is inspired by the poem of the Persian poet Omar Khayyam of the same name. Puppets is also the title of Duo SärArt's program for recorders and grand piano with pieces inspired by poetry. The repertoire consists of some of the duo's favorite works and stretches from the 1300th century to our own time. The program can also be given a completely contemporary feel.

Anna has received several awards for her playing and has been a soloist with several of the Swedes

professional orchestras. She plays chamber music in several constellations, including Curious

Chamber Players.

During the past year, Ida has been a musician and co-creator of the interdisciplinary projects Lost - music and movement in the forest, and Des / information - an interactive musical-dramatic performance. She also deals with medieval and baroque music in various ensembles.