Bold & Drabant

Bold & Drabant

Bold & Drabants play messy and political songs.

Mattias Dristig sings his naked and honestly raw lyrics with a concern and a conviction that the sung subjects demand. The texts may be about our class society with increasing gaps and the problems it brings. About the working community and what it does to us.

These lyrics are set to elaborate acoustic music that echoes 60s American folk music. Kristoffer Åberg's acoustic guitar playing carries and whips the music and alternately holds the songs in his hand. Micke Dahlvid sits on a wooden box and holds the groove in check. It turns something so colossal when the Drabants start their music machine.

From the music magazine Lira:

"They dress their political songs in an attractive musical costume. The songs are marinated in a lot of folk music and a bit of blues. ” [Andreas Lagercrantz, music magazine Lira]