Take a nap

Take a nap

Voice and rhythm that is felt! Own interpretations from the Bulgarian singing tradition.

DREAM is a state between dream and reality.

DREMKA is also three singers and a percussionist who interprets the Bulgarian singing tradition in their own way. Sometimes untamed and without apology - other times skirt and heartfelt.

The songs have their history and we have ours - we want to convey this to the audience.

The concerts / performances want to create a room where the music, poetry and song form a whole.

In words about the present and the past, about people's common sorrows and joys. Music can find its place in many different rooms - no place is given or impossible.

The members have a past in various music genres such as the Balkans, Swedish folk music, songs, Arabic music, classical music, and have participated in groups such as RAA, Sedjanka, Sumer, RÅmantik and others.

The group can also do workshops in Bulgarian singing and percussion, both in smaller contexts and together with choirs. Workshops in oriental percussion can also be offered.