Unique setting and expressive musicianship. Unusual repertoire of "North Sea music".

With the North Sea as a backdrop, the trio Doggerland plays folk music characterized by an unusual ensemble, strong musical interpretations and infectious joy of playing. From rough-hewn shanties to finely honed pole shoes, they take the audience on a surging journey through both forests and the sea.

Ever since they started playing together, Doggerland has focused on what can be called North Sea music - that is, the musical and cultural connections that exist between the North Sea countries. Folk music traditions that both contrast and bind together. For Doggerland, the cloning of, for example, an English folk song and a sea flute song from Numedal has not been part of a "program", but a completely natural result of the trio's musical background and starting point.

Whether they play pole shoes or reels, ballads or shanties, Doggerland performs their music with emotion and virtuosity. Richard Burgess' powerful singing and concertina, Jenny Gustafsson's charismatic violin playing and Anders Ådin's rhythmic crank playing and delicate guitar playing create a unique and exciting sound.

On stage, energy and calm are in a fine-tuned balance - the last not least thanks to Richard's humorous small talk!