Dinn Dinn Bulo – Belly in the Forest

Dinn Dinn Bulo – Belly in the Forest

Dinn Dinn Bulo – African Fairy Tales Storytelling and live music for children o Musical theater I'm here now - MUMRIK KULTURPRODUKTION

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Stomach in the Forest
- Musical theater about how the stomach ended up in the body and how man got his voice. 5-10 years - family show
FILMED PERFORMANCE: https://youtu.be/xzOgj62UQMw
A long, long time ago, everyone lived in the forest. The stomach too. The stomach was always hungry and had to make an effort to get food. But the stomach was lazy. It didn't like to work, preferring to sing all day. One day the stomach caught sight of a human...
An exciting collaboration with additional musicians and dancers from Senegal.

The performance has also been played together with human rights activist/musician Maman Guerety in French in Senegal in 2020.
Teaching material based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which became Swedish law in 2020.
Cast: Lansana Sane, Jorge Alcaide, Demba Niang
Music: Dinn Dinn Bulo
Director/Script: Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad
Choreographer: Pia Nordin and the ensemble.
Idea/ Production and adaptation of traditional fairy tale and script for radio: Nadina Pundins
Scenography: Bonthrop and Yifan Wang
Target group: 5-10 years
Playing time: 45 min plus time for questions so count on 60 minutes.

The fish and the Bintou girl who made everyone listen

Musical theater performance about a girl named Bontou. 5-10 years
Bintou's relatives do not listen to what the children want and she and her siblings are left to do all the work. How will they get the adults to listen to them and understand?
Help comes from a large golden fish that the children meet at the river... narration is interspersed with music.
Cast: Lansana Sane and Jorge Alcaide
Music: Dinn Dinn Bulo
Director: Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad
Idea/screenplay/production Nadina Pundins
Scenography: Bonthrop and Yifan Wang
Target group: 5-10 years
Playing time 45 min + 15 for questions so count on 60 min.

Drum candy
Interactive workshop-concert from 8 years
a real leg-stretcher for the audience. The synapses get a workout and it's good as candy!
Lansana Sane is a master percussionist from the music/Jali lineage of Cissoko Senegal- percussionist and composer.
We come to you with a lot of drums and the audience becomes fellow musicians - playing rhythms and moving together is the most basic human thing there is.
Cast: Lansana Sane and Jorge Alcaide
Director: Jorge Alcaide
Script and idea: Nadina Pundins
Maximum number in Audience 30
playing time: 45 min

Big Little
Musical theater for the youngest preschool class - year 3
About feeling small and big at the same time. How long are you small? Does it go away when you grow up? so wonders Stora-Lilla, the show's main character.
about being big or small, taking care of or being taken care of. About the big in the small. About tenderness, strength, great deeds and about being both small and big.
here, norms and conventions and whose story we listen to are turned and twisted. With a lot of warmth, live music and humor, we dive right into the world of Stora-Lilla.
Cast: Linn Johansson and Mathew Coulton.
Text and music: Vera Westberg, Anna Lund and Nadina Pundins
Director: Viktoria Folkesson
Scenography: Bonthrop
playing time: 45 min

May you live!
Musical theatre/performance for ages 10-12, family
a notion about and with the body, what is it? What does it want? What does it need? When does it do what you want and when doesn't it? Regardless of our opinions about appearance, etc., the body is primarily necessary functions and our space suit, our only prerequisite for life here on earth!
here gender and traditions are examined "hey, I'm a king from the 1600th century and I'm super masculine, I wear make-up, wear a wig and cry in public"
in the 1800th century he didn't get wise feelings, long hair or… but he would spit all the time.
what if we had body parts day instead of e.g. cinnamon buns, waffle day etc?
'Happy Feet Day!'
with seriousness and play, music, dance and magic, the show explores the body - the wonderful embarrassing, strange and magical body that has been developed over so many years, that knows so much... It changes and so does our experience of it but something is the same - all life!
Cast: Linn Johansson and Matthew Coulton
Script Text and Music, direction and scenography: Linn Johansson, Matthew Coulton and Nadina Pundins
playing time: 1 hour