Dinn Dinn Bulo

Dinn Dinn Bulo

Dinn Dinn Bulo - African Fairy TalesTelling and live music for children (6-10 years)

Join Assane and Tapha as they tell tales and sing songs from their native Senegal. With music and humor, we get to know what happened to the hungry crocodile, the laziest man in the world and the girl who made everyone listen. Dinn dinn bulo means "children's hands" in the West African language mandinka - the saga is a way to go, take my hand and we're off!
Tapha Ndiongue is a trained musician and leisure educator with a special interest in learning and development, educational leadership and special education. As a musician, he is versatile and plays guitar, drums, piano, percussion and sings.
Assane Sane is a musician and griot. Griot means musician, role model and storyteller and is a traditional profession / guild that in West Africa is inherited within the family. After studying percussion and working with traditional masks for the legendary Keba Rumba and touring with him in Africa and Europe since the beginning of the 2000s, Assane now plays with various groups in Sweden and Europe. Assane has worked with Markatta Musikteater, Adama Cissokho, Sten Källman, Teater Albatross and Kultur i Väst's project World Wide Orchestra.