Dina Grundberg sextet

Dina Grundberg sextet

Jazz with playful wind, swinging accompaniment and storytelling singing.

Dina Grundberg sextet is the jazz group that performs songs by vocalist Dina Grundberg. With a playful brass section, swinging accompaniment and storytelling vocals, the group follows in the footsteps of profiles such as Barbro Hörberg and Hasse & Tage. With jazzy arrangements and witty texts in Swedish, the ensemble finds a unique expression that both takes us back in time, while at the same time giving a foretaste of tomorrow's jazz music.

The group released the debut album "Jag ljuger mest om allt" in autumn 2022 via Kakafon Records and the album has received a warm reception. Timo Kangas, who is a reviewer at Lira music magazine, writes like this "Dina Grundberg describes everyday life for ordinary people, about ugly and beautiful, about high and low." Mats Hallberg from Orkesterjournalen writes like this "The talent is obvious, as is the courage" In connection with the book release, the group carried out an extensive tour of Sweden with performances at, among others, the Stockholm Jazz Festival, Unity jazz club and Folkteatern in Gothenburg. 

Dina Grundberg grew up in Bohuslän and found her passion for jazz early on. She took her first freelance assignments in her teens and has already appeared in several major contexts, including Swedish Radio, Stockholm Concert Hall and the Stora Teatern in Gothenburg. The Swedish jazz scene has also paid attention to her music and lyrics.

Dina Grundberg: Singing
Felicia Roos: Saxophone
Tilde Schweitzer: Trombone
David Stener: Piano
Jakob Ulmestrand: Double bass
Filip Öhman: Drums