It became a handgun

It became a handgun

Det Blev Handgemäng is the echo of a bugalú after the last godforsaken guest was thrown out of the bar.

Det Blev Handgemäng is not a blues band, no country band and no roots band. They know their shit but are not a band that preserves music and locks it in museums. Instead, they play American folk music in a way that makes it feel important.

Review from Göteborgsposten, Rating 4 out of 5 lighthouses

“If you take the band name literally and imagine a bourbonstinn southern state bar where the rednecks peel the mustache with one fist and swing uppercuts with the other, it fits. With a cracked pa, wounded amplifiers and an old Elvis mic, they stand there and spit out swamp blues as if there was no tomorrow. The heeling, angular songs excite the audience to the world's barbrawl and once the performance is underway, the band does not pull themselves together to start swinging. Authentic as it suggests. ” - Daniel Claesson

Det Blev Handgemäng consists of:

Elin Engberg: vocals, double bass

Christoffer Johansson: vocals, guitar

Brother Gunnar Jansson: vocals, guitar

Emanuel Svensson: drums

Det Blev Handgemäng also does concerts for children / young people and can be found in Kulturkatalogen Väst: