It Blows Up

It Blows Up

Hot and swinging songs from the Caribbean with four well-established world musicians from Gothenburg.

Songs from Haiti with newly written lyrics in Swedish by Sanna Källman. IT BLOWS UP is also an album that was nominated for the Manifesto Award 2021.
After many years of passionate work with Haitian music, the songs, which were originally sung in Creole, have now come closer to us through lyrics in Swedish. Through the songs, which contain small and big life wisdoms, we can get an understanding of human reality on the other side of the globe.
With the inspiring power of Haitian music, we want to get in touch with what unites us humans; song, rhythm and dance!

The songs are recorded with two children's choirs from Botkyrka and Knivsta. In addition, several well-known musicians appear on the album, which was recently released on Footprint Records.
To the right is a link to the album "It Blows Up" on Spotify and a video trailer together with the children's choir "Little A"

Sanna Källman: vocals, percussion
Sten Källman: vocals, saxophone, percussion
Michael Andersson: percussion
Henrik Cederblom: guitar, banjo