Dag Westling

Dag Westling

Multi-instrumentalist with deep and well-established roots in traditional Irish music.

Dag is an internationally recognized musician as a solo artist, singer and instrumentalist in the music group Quilty. The band is considered one of the Nordic region's foremost representatives of Irish traditional music. As a solo artist, Dag regularly tours with the program "Folk songs from Ireland and Scotland", an acoustic program intended for smaller stages at cultural centers / libraries, at music and national theater associations, rural farms, churches, festivals, individually arranged or in collaboration with e.g. county music.

The arrangements of the songs he performs have a personal touch, with influences from both Irish and American folk music. One of his specialties is the traditional way of playing American 5 string banjo - “clawhammer style ” - which belongs in the North American older folk music, so-called Old time music.
Today's genuine sense of Irish music finds a versatile expression in his instrumental virtuosity and emotional singing.

“I want to convey that the concert with Dag Westling drew a full house on a Monday in January. We greatly enjoyed the musical experience but also the anecdotes about the songs, instruments and Day as a person. The mix of instruments made the concert dynamic and the high level of performance made the evening an experience we will remember for a long time. An event that really suits a library! ”
Erika Svahn, librarian at Simrishamn Library.

Dag Westling: guitar, vocals, 5 string banjo, tin whistle