Dag Westling

Dag Westling

Folk songs from Ireland and Scotland.

With 30 years under his belt as a singer and instrumentalist in the music group Quilty and as a solo artist, we can proudly present Dag Westling as one of Sweden's foremost representatives of Irish folk music. As a solo artist, Dag regularly tours with the program Folk songs from Ireland and Scotland, an acoustic program intended for smaller stages at cultural centers / libraries, at music and national theater associations, rural farms, churches, festivals. Dag has also been hired for performances at municipal nursing homes and care facilities (Performing Arts Sörmland, Culture in care / Stockholm and Enköping municipality).

Dag offers a program of Irish and Scottish folk songs performed on guitar, five string banjo, tin whistle and with vocals. The program contains emigrant songs, ballads, instrumental songs and ballads about love and other adventures mixed with a sprinkling of American old time. Dag's genuine feeling for Irish music finds versatile expression in his instrumental virtuosity and emotional vocals.

“A musical virtuoso and a full-fledged entertainer who combines his fantastic music making with a captivating storytelling full of anecdotes and good laughs. Dag has dedicated his life to studying, mastering and disseminating Irish and Scottish folk music and does so with an enthusiasm and skill that is impossible to resist. ”

- Ola Persson, Cultural Developer Hylte municipality