Crossroad Blues

Crossroad Blues

Swinging Chicago blues - Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson - with experienced Gothenburg quintet

Crossroad Blues from Gothenburg has played together since the mid 70's. The music is still the swinging, sloppy Chicago blues, which made them one of the city's most hired blues bands. Carl Johan Gadd's slide guitar gives the band a very own and genuine touch. Every now and then a new (or rather new-old) song has crept into the repertoire over the years. But it's still Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Chuck Berry and Robert Johnson who dominate the sound and mood. Perfect for a party or a pub, then!

Crossroad Blues has also accompanied some famous American blues men - Johnny Shines, Louisiana Red and RLBurnside - on their Sweden tours, with excellent reviews as a result.

Carl-Johan Gadd: guitar, slide guitar, vocals

Göran Hartman: drums, vocals

Per Hörberg: bass

Sven-Erik Norberg: guitar, vocals

Martin Oldsberg: harmonica