Sweet boleros are performed with style, turn and passion

Kiss me for a long time.

Bolero is the unbeatable music genre of love ballad. The beautiful, poetic and beautiful declarations of love have captured millions of listeners for more than half a century. From the glory days of the 40s cigar-scented dance palace in Havana, bolero spread to Latin America and the rest of the world. There is no Spanish-speaking person who can help but tune into a song that "Besame Mucho" Corazonada has taken to heart with these immortal songs.

Singer Monika Wade not only has a captivating voice. Perhaps it is her background as a dancer and actress that makes her revelation in an evening dress and white gardenia in her hair almost enough for the experience of the flamboyant Cuba of that time to be total. Cuba is also her home country.

Also on stage are Jorge Alcaide, vocals and guitar, Jonas Franke-Blom, double bass, Love Nilsson, saxophone, Klas Nilsson, trumpet and Rolando Ardiles, percussion.

You who want to book Corazonada in Music at the Theater, there are three musicians on stage: Monika Wade, Jorge Alcaide, Klas Nilsson.

Let the passion awaken the dream again!