Claranna & Sound Beam

Claranna & Sound Beam

Imaginative and close performances for children. Sound ray is a magically invisible instrument that children can play on. Everyone can join!

Two educational musicians, Anna Ottertun and Clara Hållén, sing, make movement songs and rhymes where the children can easily participate.

In some of the songs, signs are also used as support, for example to work in the special school where a great opportunity for communication is opened up, but also because many preschools work with signs.

To help them, they have an electronic instrument called Ljudstråle!

Participation and communication with the audience permeates the performances, here the children are also involved and play. Since Soundbeam / Soundbeam is a midi instrument, there are all sorts of instruments, scales and sounds to choose from! In small groups, the children get to play one by one after the performance on "The Magic Sound Ray"

The props and scenography are simple and easy to move. Claranna & Ljudstråle play outreach at preschools and special schools and also do family performances in public spaces such as libraries.

Claranna & Ljudstråle was formed in 2006 with the help of project grants from Kultur i Väst. Since then, the duo has toured all over Sweden. They also work continuously in more in-depth processes at special schools through workshops, supervision and individual music therapy within Creative School.

Claranna and Ljudstråle are also included in Kulturkatalogen Väst med Ljudstrålar och Jazzglassar: