Claes Pihl

Claes Pihl

A wise everyday painter with humor and heart, both alone and with a band.

Claes Pihl was born and raised in Borås in a home where songs were part of everyday food. He started playing guitar early and writing songs. Claes spent the summers in Falkenberg, where the annual song festival became an important source of inspiration.

Almost fifteen years ago, Claes moved to Gothenburg to study. At the student parties, he got a natural scene for his songs. After completing his engineering education, Claes worked as a programmer for six months before resigning and applying to the fishing line in Kungälv.

In the spring of 2000, Claes' first album "I would have listened to the evening echo" came out, which mostly received good reviews. The album was played on the radio, and among the songs that spun the most can be mentioned "Extrapris", "Vi åker buss" and "I believe in the ostrich".

In recent years, Claes has participated in Falkenberg's, Skuleberget's and Helsingborg's song festivals. In addition, there have been gigs, both alone and with bands, on various stages around the country.

In her songwriting, Claes combines the care of good craftsmanship with playfulness and the desire to experiment. Musically, he moves between genres such as rock, folk music, jazz and more traditional shows.

With the new record "Hopptorn", Claes takes a real step forward - out of the trampoline. And it's just to state: a record collection without "Jumping Tower" is like a refrigerator without eggs.