Celso Paco & Dynamo de Luxe

Celso Paco & Dynamo de Luxe

Afropop-Grooves = Polyrhythmic Scoop!

With electrified energy and a combined desire for music, the band Celso Paco & Dynamo de Luxe puts the surrounding air in pleasantly intense oscillation… The group's members have long and in various ways come into direct contact with and stuck to African popular music styles. Here they meet in the band's own sound, strongly influenced by frontman Celso Paco, singer, percussionist, drummer, dancer and songwriter, born and raised in Mozambique - living in Sweden for many years. The band largely performs Celso's own compositions based on traditional Marrabenta and other African pop styles.

Celso Paco is strongly influenced by the music and dances of his homeland and interprets both traditional songs and popular music from the areas around his hometown of Maputo. He has also been inspired by music from neighboring countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe. In addition to other African styles, the international rock and jazz scene has also made a strong impression on him.

The group works as a collective and together creates their unique sound. The members are well aware of the roots of music, but also do not hesitate to bring in elements from their own musical experiences. All are well-established musicians in genres such as folk / jazz / funk / pop / rock / reggae - and, of course, various styles from the African continent.

Regardless of where the music has its stylistic origins, the band Celso Paco & Dynamo de Luxe are inspired by the poetry, groove and energy of African music. Listen, enjoy and dance!

The band has released the critically acclaimed albums "Dugongo" in 2011 and "Mozambique" in 2018 and then on their own company EKO in Gothenburg. Available on Spotify!

Celso Paco: Singing, percussion, timbila, mbira, kalimba, xitende etc.

Ola Hedman: Electric bass

Raymond Karlsson: Drums, percussion

Hans Edberg: Guitars, harmonica

Håkan Hellquist: Guitars