Camilla Åström & Kompanjonerna

Camilla Åström & Kompanjonerna

Poems for questioning - Curious, headstrong and humorous (children 3 - 8 years)

What does a cow eat? When will it be spring and how long is a year? Where are countries like Ängland and Dalsland really located? Visor for queries is about this and much more - newly written, quirky and swinging songs for both small and large quizzes.

With inspiration from her own nieces and nephews, Camilla Åström got the idea to write songs that reflect the smallest people's commitment to life's big issues. Visor för spyrvisa is a concert program full of thoughts and reflections from a small child's life. Stories that grow and take root in the listener, regardless of age.

There are songs about growing up, about being proud of who you are, about getting lost, about the perfect birthday party, about scary monsters and about the great happiness of being rocked really, really loud!

The music swings between a number of different styles and influences: from reggae, rumba and country to Balkan music, Swedish show and rock. Curious, headstrong, humorous and existential!