Burek Duo

Burek Duo

Instrumental folk music with inspiration from Greece, Cyprus and Sweden.

Burek duo consists of oud player Andreas Krambias from Cyprus and cellist Maria Doumeni Cronholm from Bohuslän, with roots in Greece. The duo met for the first time in Thessaloniki in 2019 and the collaboration began there and then.

Burek duo plays instrumental folk music from Greece, Cyprus and Sweden but also Ottoman classical music.
With the graceful melodies in focus, they create their arrangements, which are framed with improvisations and a present intuitive interplay. The unique combination of instruments contributes to the peculiar soundscape.
The disparate background of the two musicians is something that is taken advantage of and sometimes highlighted, this is noticeable not least in their choice of repertoire but also in the way the music is performed.

The pastry Burek – to which the name refers – is said to have originated in Turkey, but is found in several Mediterranean countries. The pastries vary in local execution and flavoring, just as their music does.