Boson / Jardemark / Bergström

Boson / Jardemark / Bergström

Lyrical trio jazz deluxe

This current trio offers a stripped-down lyrical jazz music sprung from "the American songbook" and the sound and interaction between the musicians brings to mind artists such as Diana Krall, Chet Baker and Nat King Cole.

Anders Boson is the singer and trumpeter who, with two critically acclaimed albums in his luggage, has in recent years developed from a pop musician / composer into a now clearly distinct jazz artist.

Rolf Jardemark is a guitarist and one of the leading figures in Swedish jazz for 30 years. He has released countless records over the years and worked with musicians such as Gilbert Holmström, Bob Mintzer, Al Harewood, Yasuhito Mori and Lars Danielsson to name just a few.

Magnus Bergström is one of the country's most hired and respected double bassists. He has worked with musicians such as Christian Jormin, Mikael Godee, Gunnar Eriksson, Malin Wättring and Peter Danemo.