Body Beatbox

Body Beatbox

Singing and body percussion group that really turns!

With the bodies as instruments and with hands and feet as drumsticks, the artists are transformed into living drum sets. The performance springs from whimsy and sharp throws but also lands in charged sensitive magic. Rhythms are mixed with steps and songs in a neck-breaking playful groove workshop.

Body Beatbox is a furious rhythmic overall experience with Sanna Källman, Karin Marmander, Christopher Ek, ​​and Johan Hogenäs, all members of the choir Amanda.

Body Beatbox

* has a performance of about 40 minutes, but also performs with shorter tailored programs.

* are open to different contexts and environments. Suitable for company parties and dinners as well as at concert stages or in schools.

* Also do workshops and teacher training. Preferably in combination with a performance.