Body Beatbox

Body Beatbox

Sing and play percussion on themselves! Performance & workshops (5-19 years).

Body Beatbox presents a performance with body percussion (= playing percussion on oneself) and singing. The children are initiated into an easily accessible and inspiring way to create music together. The inspiration comes from Brazil and the Barbatuques group. Body Beatbox recreates pop, world music and Swedish songs into obvious body percussion songs and connects them with interactive elements and a little talk. Everyone can join in and you only need yourself and each other when rhythms are mixed with songs and steps in a neck-breaking playful groove workshop.


Participants learn a set of sounds and are also encouraged to invent their own. In various exercises, we train the body's sense of pace and turn until we can try a body-percussion groove. We move a lot and also use our voice. Body percussion trains both rhythmic awareness and motor skills in a very tangible way and is well suited for recurring activities.

Body Beatbox is also available in Kulturkatalogen Väst:
BB member Johan Hogenäs also does solo workshops: