With a focus on voice and accordion, own sound worlds are created. Experimental, unexpected and beautiful!

Awilas is the dynamic newcomer duo Larisa Ljungkrona-Mönttinen and Anki Ebonsdotter. An endless stream of playful improvisations, poetic stories, penetrating sincerity and total devotion. With singing and accordion in the center, gilded by elements such as guitar, kalimba, carillon, loops and dripping water, Awilas tells his own stories about life. From the most powerful mountains to the smallest grains of sand, from primeval forests in the north to the small stubborn shoot that penetrates through the rock wall, we travel with Awila's music through time and space. The healing and the heartbreaking, the big and the small, the hard and the soft. Take the step out and follow.

Awila's innovative play with and development of the folk music expression gave them the award "Newcomer of the Year" at the Folk and World Music Gala in Helsingborg 2017.


“A few times a year, a Swedish record comes out that just knocks me out and I can hardly stop listening to it. Singing and accordion-based partly improvised new folk music that dares to breathe and take lovely time until its fabulous discharges and is about difficult and heartfelt aspects of human life. ”

Per Guldbrandsen producer P2-verden

"The two female voices float and weave together and go around each other in one of the most beautiful I have heard on a Swedish record this year."

Timo Kangas, Lira Music Magazine

Anki Ebonsdotter: voice, guitar, loop, kalimba, ibu

Larisa Ljungkrona-Mönttinen: accordion, voice, carillon