Aurelia Dey & Avenue

Aurelia Dey & Avenue

Dance, afrobeats, dancehall music and dramaturgy, life-affirming and thought-provoking.

Through dance, music, acting and dialogue, Aurelia Dey is constantly finding new ways of expressing herself. She brings her pro-black and gender equality message along with her entertainment and talks openly about her mental health, linked to her Afrophobic experience as both Ghanaian and Swedish.

Sunday Service - Show
The performance Sunday Service (which is also the name of an upcoming album) is a solid musical experience with dance, afrobeats, dancehall music and dramaturgy. Aurelia Dey, her dancer and the live band "The Neighbors" offer a blissful mix of heavy bass, pondus-filled rap, energetic dance and soulful singing. Sunday Service is an interactive show where the audience is also involved and shares experiences, exchanges thoughts and the performance can be experienced as therapeutic in this way, every person in the audience is equally important and should feel seen.
Aurelia Dey & The Neighbors wants to reach out and unite people from different life situations and class backgrounds.

The album "Sunday Service" is planned to be released in late 2021. In the summer of 2020, the first single “Powerbank” was released, which attracted attention in SVT's PSL, Göteborgs-Posten, P4 Göteborg and Hymn, among others. In February 2021, the single "Rising" was released which was played on radio channels in Sweden, France, USA and Ghana as well as her latest single "All These Neighbors" which has received much attention in various feminist networks and been lifted on social media by e.g. Stina Wollter or instagram profile male babies. Aurelia Dey has written the songs herself and produced together with Partillo Productions, Lancelot Productions and Carl Ottosson. In addition, there are guest musicians on guitar, violin and saxophone.

Alpha in the making - Music-based infotainment / humor / monologue. About blackness and black identity in a western context with humor and warmth. In other words, Alpha in the making is an anti-racist and gender equality musical theater.

VOICE is an afrobeats & dancehall music and theater performance that tells perspectives about the adult black woman's everyday life, about contemporary challenges for people who are racist and an invitation to an intimate conversation between two friends, both from countries other than Sweden, where one of them is whitepassing *. The conversation touches on racism, privileges, internalized racism and structures. The performance is a call for active activism in collaboration with National Black Theater Sweden and Sensus.

Afrobeats Invasion is a project for young people and young adults where anti-racism and culture work together. The pilot project was carried out in September 2021 in Gothenburg with the support of the Swedish Music Agency and the City of Gothenburg. The whole thing with Afrobeats Invasion is that participating dancers, artists, musicians and producers should network and share experiences to form a better world.
Aurelia Dey & The Neighbors' activities in the genre of afrobeats and dancehall unite in this project young people with different class affiliations and backgrounds through music, dance, workshops, conversations, discussions and together produce a performance for the public with an anti-racist value base.

Aurelia Dey also does Creative School projects and is included in Kulturkatalogen Väst with the performance Afrobeat Invasion:

Aurelia Dey: singing / rap / toast, percussion
Partillo: drums / percussion / pad
Rasmus Snögren: keyboards
Mathilda Fritzell: electric guitars, choir
Hilda Ekstedt: alto saxophone, percussion, choir
Cecilia Moore: baritone saxophone, choir
Ewemande “Smooth” Ehiwe: dancer
Amanda Perez: Dancer
Henriket Talu: dancer
Louie Menke: percussion