Do you remember (3-6 years) and Solstopp (6-9 years). Musical theater performances with imagination, humor and other important things!

*** Do you remember - a musical dream game for the curious! ***

Do you remember when we sailed on the leaves in the fall and that we flew over town on a kite? Do you remember how it felt to taste the sea and when we danced the dolphin's waltz?

Join Suss and Ann on a winding journey through the seasons among memories, truths, dreams and fantasies.

With a lot of music, singing and playful mischief, memories are evoked, which in turn become small mini-stories in the show.

The show is suitable for children 3-6 years and as a family show.

*** New performance: Sun stop in circulation! ***

A newly composed musical fantasy about space jealousy and the power struggle. Nothing is as usual. Whether on earth or in the firmament. The sun has burned out and the moon has gone crazy. They have competed for who is the best and most important. Everything seems to be a big competition. Who wins and who loses?

The show is suitable for children 6 - 9 years.

Åsa Johansson and Brita Lindgren are musicians and actors with the past in a variety of contexts; choir Amanda, Theater Jaguar, Stråf and others. ÅsaBrita is also the duo to hire for Christmas celebrations with traditional songs and dancing around the Christmas tree. Under ÅsaBrita's press releases is a pdf with info about their Christmas program.