Åsa Lansfors & Amanda Elvin

Åsa Lansfors & Amanda Elvin

Romances about everything between heaven and earth performed with a twinkle in the eye!

The Swedish romance contains not only fantastic music, but also lyrics that touch one into the soul. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. But romances are not just heart and pain. There are songs that contain humor and seriousness, everyday life and celebration, everything between heaven and earth.

Åsa Lansfors and Amanda Elvin met at Örebro Academy of Music and have played together since the autumn of 2009. It was the work on a singing cycle of Madeleine Dring- Four night songs, which made them discover the common passion for romances, and the desire to explore every little shift in text and music.

It's most beautiful when it's dusk

Pär Lagerkvist's poems have been read and loved by several generations, and he was hailed as a Nobel laureate and member of the Swedish Academy. But who was he really? Who was the short, red-haired and according to himself ugly youth who was constantly short of money and did not want to work without writing? How was he as a father? How did he, as one of the first cultural personalities in Sweden, dare to raise his voice and criticize the growing fascism and Nazism?

Framed by compositions for his most beloved poetry, the audience gets to meet several different sides of man and the author Lagerkvist: letters he wrote to his youthful love, reflections and memories written down by his children and of course his own poems, in text and tone.