Artist Razz

Artist Razz

Beautiful songs interpreted on harmonica; Taube, Bellman, Riedel, Ferlin, Dan Andersson and own.

When artist Razz, Mikael Rasmussen, expresses himself, he does so with the harmonica.

Mikael offers a harmonica session interwoven with stories that touch on the emotional strings.

A harmonica is easy to carry, but that's not why Mikael has chosen the instrument. To do the music justice, he has about 40 diatonic and chromatic harmonicas with him at the concerts!

There are also a number of scenes where the "small format" fits perfectly, and it is no coincidence that nursing homes, churches, prisons have been visited by this harmonica player and narrator.

It is also possible to combine the performance with a workshop. (See under “press photos & documents”)

The CDs released so far span a wide range of music; folk music, children's songs, classical, own compositions and bluesy tones. All performed with shimmering harmonic sounds that give the interpretations new luster.

Several times you have been able to hear the life theorist's thoughts, words and harmonica in P4 Västmanland's radio ether. On their own website there are more music examples, articles and links to radio interviews and YouTube.