With enchanting world music and quirky characters, they portray self-written tales of exclusion. (6 - 12 years)

With hundreds of successful performances in the baggage around the country, Apolonias is now presenting their third performance for children. This time as a duo, which opens up more opportunities for events with smaller areas but which also works well in the larger hall!

"The Traveling Rogen" is a performance about a "rye loaf" who is hunted on the run and is accused of theft and burglary even though she is innocent. Wherever she goes to bed at night, she is also constantly awakened by the evil power "Klubb Ordning och Reda". Namely, they have decided that it is forbidden for rye loaves to sleep in a public place. She is hunted again and again on the run. Despite her already long hike, she is forced to continue her search for a safe place. On her journey, she finds another rejected and hunted character, the Mustache, who is threatened with imprisonment if she does not decide to be a boy or a girl. Together they control the flight to the homeland of music, Apolonia. There, the power of music opens people's hearts so that everyone can live in security. But the road there is very dangerous and "Klubb Ordning och Reda" constantly threatens to destroy their plans.

Travel with the characters through captivating folk prog music as well as song and movements. Who knows, maybe it's just your help that is needed for them both to succeed in getting to Apolonia?

"The timeless Swedish songs get an innovative power in Apolonia's songs" Rating: 4/5. (Anders Samuelsson Nöjesmagasinet, Umeå.)

"Front figure is the singer and lyricist Ida Gustafsson who has a fantastic empathy for the song, and her both poetic and sometimes ingenious lyrics are an extra plus." (rating 4/5 Jan Westerlund Västerbottens Kurir)

Practical things about The Traveling Row:

Audience: about 75 mixed ages 4-9 years approx

Where: in hall, library, auditorium etc.

Technology: Acoustic with fewer