Anna Gustavsson/Lina Ekdahl DUO

Anna Gustavsson/Lina Ekdahl DUO

A Sleep Game. A musician and a poet tackle sleep and insomnia.

The performance Ett Sömnspel premiered in 2021 at Atalante. Now the musician and composer Anna Gustavsson and the poet Lina Ekdahl make a duo version. Text and music are woven together in a dream-like or highly awake and sharp presence.

"A little gem for a performance, where everything is as odd as it is obvious and well done down to the smallest detail"/Mikaela Blomqvist GP

Newly composed music by Anna Gustavsson for percussion, small synths, glockenspiel, glass, vocals and electronics.
Newly written text by Lina Ekdahl.

A Sleep Game
Night. If we're lucky, sleep comes. The recovery. If we are unlucky, we end up with insomnia. The shadow side, the most private, the loneliness that cannot be shared. Everything is put to the test. The existential questions appear, must be counted, pills are eaten, oral cavities dry out, restlessness rages and anxiety grows. A bad sleep, or no sleep at all, is the common disease of our time. A good sleep is highly valued, has a high status, but is rare and cannot be bought with money. We comfort the sleepless and wake the sleepy.

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