Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson composer, sound artist, guitarist

She writes commissioned works for soloists, ensembles and orchestras and the music is performed at concerts and festivals around Sweden and Europe. Works for example sinfonietta, percussion, guitar, choir, musical theater are combined with sound installations and more spatial expressions. Something of a common thread in music creation is precisely the meeting between traditional instruments and various sound objects. Pencil sharpeners, table fans, egg slices, self-playing cake candles, talking parrots and various scraps have over the years taken place in the music, both as a contrast and in collaboration with a more melodic soundscape.

She has studied composition for, among others, Sven-David Sandström (Gotland Composers' School) and Ole Lützow-Holm (Composition Program, School of Stage and Music at the University of Gothenburg).

Anna is also a university-educated guitar teacher and works part-time with guitar teaching.


"Moose Imitating Moss" works for guitar and cello (Mats Bergström, Patrik Karlsson, George Gulyas, Emma Nordgren, Christian Berg). Published at CY Contemporary 2009.

"Ghost Inside Ghost", eight chamber music works in arrangements for soprano, flute, cello, prepared piano and sound objects. (Åsa Nordgren, Anna Svensdotter, My Hellgren, Sara Sjödahl) Released on Lamour Records 2016.