Anna Cederquist

Anna Cederquist

Folk music, songs, jazz and much in between.

Anna Cederquist, is a musician; singer, recorder and music producer, her specialty is songs, folk music and early music.
She also performs and records various types of acoustic music: Irish, Swedish and American folk music, early music, choral music, classical music etc.

Here are some of Anna's collaborations:
* SCRAP - workshops and concerts where school students make their own "scrap instruments". This fits well as a Creative School project.

* ACT - Anna Cederquist trio plays folk music and songs with a personal and sensitive expression.

* IRIS - well-sounding, melodic newly written and traditional jazz music with improvisation, variety and joy of playing. The music sometimes has folk influences but also attracts songs and pop.
There is great variation in both the music and the instrumentation and it becomes, so to speak, "a lot for the money" as several in the group are also multi-instrumentalists.

* "To you!" - A tribute to songs in the present and to the 60s song and some of its textual and musical foreground figures; Monica Zetterlund, Beppe Wolgers, Cornelis Vreeswijk and Olle Adolphsson. Get a little sense of folk park and 60s, when jazz sung in Swedish was new and smelled of songs and folk music.