Second Generation

Second Generation

"Scandinavia's best Balkan band" - "Like a Swedish-subtitled soundtrack to a Kusturica film"

New Single out May 10!

"Vi Vill Leva, Vi Vill Dö i Göteborg" is an energetic pop song with influences from the Balkans that bursts with the spirit of Gothenburg. The song is a fast-paced and swinging cover of the official Gothenburg anthem and takes the listener on a musical journey through the city. With a mix of modern pop and folk tones, the song creates a unique and danceable feel that makes everyone want to sing along. The text celebrates Gothenburg and its love for the city, while offering an uplifting and life-affirming attitude. With its Balkan-inspired arrangements and pulsating rhythms, "Vi Vill Leva, Vi Vill Dö i Göteborg" becomes a real party anthem for all Gothenburg lovers and music enthusiasts. The song is a must on the playlist for anyone who wants to experience Gothenburg's vibrant music scene and feel the special joy and pride in the city. So turn up the volume and let yourself be carried away by this lovely and lively song which is Gothenburg in a musical package!

New Single Out Now Swedish Coffee

In 2023, the Balkan band Andra Generationen from Gothenburg celebrates an incredible 35 years!

We would like to celebrate it in advance and offer a music cake with Balkan bounce.
Here is our interpretation of the birthday song YES YOU MUST LIVE. We want to thank you for sharing unforgettable moments with us. It has been to weddings, funerals, student parties, melody festivals, city festivals, world music clubs, concert halls, abroad and domestically.

New Single Out Soon!

Listening good people,
October 29 is no ordinary day. It's Friday when the Friday cuddle and tacon are exchanged for Balkan party and čevapčiči as it is the universe premiere of the Second Generation's new song
Catastrophic Mechanism.
The song is about that all we need in life is time. Time to grow old and see and do things that you think are fun and to share what you have with others who do not have much.




Tickets are available at
NOTE, Jazzföreningen Nefertiti has moved its operations to Valand.

Now it's time to put on the dancing shoes that have been in the basement. Probably we are all a bit shy after the corona but it is time to change this.
The time has come for us to once again feel the live music in our ears and let our bodies move to the beat.
It will be the world premiere this evening for the new song Katastrofa Mekanizam which is about that everything we need in life is time to age and do things that you think are fun.

Buy a ticket, it will be fat.


Now on Friday 14/2 2020 at 08.30, the Second Generation are Guests on Radio Partille Radio 88.


The Second Generation releases a new song about LOVE and HISINGEN.

It happens that you step on the wrong side and do not do the right thing….

The Second Generation celebrated 30 years last year and the party is over. The band rolls

further in all possible and impossible beats.

The song will be released on Friday, January 10, 2020.

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Stevan Tomulevski



"Scandinavia's best Balkan band"

"Like a Swedish-subtitled soundtrack to a Kusturica film"

In 2018, the Balkan band Andra Generationen from Gothenburg celebrates an incredible 30 years! It was 1988 when Vlatko Ancevski, Teddy Paunkoski and Stevan Tomulevski gathered with some other musicians in a unique room in the disused shipyards at Hisingen in Gothenburg and started playing together. Many members have come and gone, but the three gentlemen have held on and developed their expression. Today, on the verge of 2018, Vlatko, Teddy and Stevan form the band together with Vlatko Gicarevski, Mats Nilsson and the set drums, bass, guitar, accordion / synth, two saxophones and much and happy singing create the uncompromising turn the group is so known for.

In addition to a countless number of gigs around Sweden and the rest of Europe, the turn has taken the band to the Melodifestivalen no less than twice, one of the times together with Dogge Doggelito. But the group has also produced four records, a number of videos and its own wine that can be found in both red, white and rosé variants on the system company's order assortment. For those who do not want Slivovica for their Kebab pizza…

But the most important thing the Second Generation has accomplished in the last thirty years is a number of unforgettable moments for many people! It has been to weddings and student parties, city festivals and world music clubs, concert halls and casinos, abroad and domestically. And that's exactly the way the group wants to celebrate in 2018 - by playing their music for those who are the very precondition for the band to be able to last so long - THE AUDIENCE!