Anders von Hofsten

Anders von Hofsten

Soul with African and Brazilian rhythms with the song in the center.

Anders von Hofsten (aka Hofstone) is the Malmö singer and pianist who loves everything that swings. He has sung and played with the soul elite - Blacknuss, Robyn, Amanda Jenssen, Titiyo, Kaah are some names.
As a singer, pianist, producer and songwriter, he has traveled from the ten-man funk band The Family Tree, via the soul plate ”Bottom Of A Heart”, To all kinds of Brazilian rhythms with the singer Simon Moreno, for which he is conductor and tours with countries, kingdoms and continents around, with the band Os Lourinhop. Anders has also produced Moreno's two latest, acclaimed records ”Samba Makossa", With the Timbuktu duet hit"Who pra Bahia (We go to Malmö)”, As well as the latest "Planets" - an artistic triumph, which was praised in the press and, among other things, won the Manifesto Prize.

Anders has toured as a singer and keyboardist with artists such as Ashoo, Hada Raina, Robyn, Jennifer Brown, Cajsalisa, Bo Kasper's Orchestra, Blacknuss, Robyn, Amanda Jenssen, Titiyo, Kaah. He has produced and written for Kaah and others, and is one of the most sought after studio singers in Sweden, and has lent his voice to hundreds of demos and recordings. Among the artists are Christian Walz, Samantha Mumba, Solomon, and not least the stars from the old Cheiron studio, where Anders worked for many years: Britney Spears, Westlife, Backstreet Boys and N'Sync to name a few.

With his own record label Soul Dog Records, Anders has released the album "Bottom Of A Heart" under the name Hofstone, as well as two records with Brazilian singer Simone Moreno, with whom he also tours as a bandleader and pianist. The song "Vem pra Bahia (Vi drar till Malmö)", with Timbuktu, and which he co-wrote, became a hit on Swedish radio, and Moreno's second album in Sweden, "Planetas", was released in 2011 - it received good reviews and won the Manifesto Prize in 2012. In 2006, Simone Moreno participated in the Melodifestivalen with the song "Aiayeh (the Music Of The Samba)", co-composed by Anders and with them both on stage. Hofstone has also visited other artists and bands, such as "Summer Angel" (Emrik), "Wu Girls" (Shy) and "Around the world" (Latin the Mood).

Anders von Hofsten: vocals, piano, guitar
Olle Linder: 8-string guitar, percussion, choir
Ola Bothzén: percussion, choir
Mike Nilsson: percussion
The disc Cosmic Lullabies received very nice reception. With his friend and multi-instrumentalist Olle Linder (Sofia Karlsson, ODE, Ale Möller) as co-musician, Anders gathered all the influences he encountered on his journey, and it became an acoustic singer / songwriter piece paired with Brazilian and African rhythms, mixed with jazz and pop , but with an unmistakable taste of soul. Imagine Paul Simon meets Stevie Wonder meets samba… The album is visited by the percussionist, among others Ola Bothzén (Miriam Aïda, A Bossa Elétrica) and the drummer and arranger Per Ekdahl (Ekdahl / Bagge Big Band, Simone Moreno), and the trombonist Christian Persson (Apocalyptic Brass Collective, KP Elements).
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