Anders Hagberg

Anders Hagberg

“A unique world of sound. From quiet wonder to expressive, explosive exuberance.”

Throughout his musical career, Anders Hagberg has distinguished himself as an innovative and virtuosic improviser on flutes and sopranos sax in genres such as jazz and world music.

On the album, TRUST, Anders Hagberg takes his creative approach to flute playing to a new level with cinematic sounds, solitary melodies, and evocative grooves. It is timeless music which honor the roots and at the same time looking into the future. Improvisation and boundary-crossing collaborations are distinguishing features of his work and for TRUST the music was originally created in interaction with visual artforms such as dance, painting, video and sculptures. During 2019 he did festival performances with this project in Iran, South Korea, Portugal and Sweden as well as openings and collaborations with dancers.

Anders has toured worldwide with his own bands and as a soloist with several groups. His international collaborations include artists from India, the Middle East, Japan, Brazil, West Africa and the United States. He has composed music for films and dance performances and made many albums in his own name which have received several awards.

As a Professor of Musical Performance/Improvisation at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, he is involved in teaching and artistic research and development.


"Majestic, magnificent weight, breathtakingly beautiful, magical” - Kulturbloggen 5/5

“Hagberg has a unique voice on his instruments, blending Eastern inspiration with the Scandinavian sounds in a wonderful way” (Nettavisen)

"Organic! Exciting! A stream you just want to float in ... suggestive jazz.” (Orkesterjournalen)

"The most striking feature of the album is the rarely heard contrabass flute, whose percussive sound creates a rhythmic basis for several songs." (

”Celestial inspiring music freed from the annoyance of labels.” (all about jazz)

“Human communication, crossing musical borders… astoundingly expressive” (JazzLife, Tokyo) * “Magical Melange” (Times of India)

Anders Hagberg – Flute, alto-, bass- and contrabass flutes, soprano sax, electronics.

Åke Linton - live surround sound, effects. Johannes Lundberg – double bass, voice, zither, sound. Options: Dancers and Visuals

Options: Dancers and visuals