Anders Hagberg Project

Anders Hagberg Project

Musical voyagers in the borderlands between jazz, folk and chamber music - melodic, dynamic and suggestive.

Flautist, soprano saxophonist and composer Anders Hagberg is a musical traveler in the borderland between jazz, folk and chamber music. As a soloist he has a unique sound where melodic lyricism and innovative improvisation goes hand in hand.

On his new album NORTH Hagberg has gathered a Nordic dream team with musicians from Sweden, Finland and Norway. Their music is created in a flow of inspired and intuitive interplay with presence and openness to meet in the unforeseen, improvised musical moments.

The hallmarks of the groups are improvisation and boundary crossing collaborations including artists from The Middle East, India and Korea. Their expressive playing and richly varied sound have made them an appreciated live band during extensive tours in India, US, Baltics, South Korea and Scandinavia.

The album Melodic Melange with Palestinian Ahmad al Khatib, oud received an overwhelming reception in the press and led to international collaborations in the project Connecting Worlds.

LIRA MAGAZINE: ” “This year’s most suggestive jazz. The music of masterful wind player Anders Hagberg is palpably borne up by precisely this quality of suggestiveness—as if each note carries an image, a feeling, an impulse toward something higher.”

OJ Jazz (Recommended Pick): “Music with spiritual depths…Skillful, passionate performances, beautiful and sublime, with a hint of mystery tucked in tenderly here and there.”

"Hagberg shows himself to be a soloist who considers every note carefully and shapes his poised statements with intense consideration of rhythm and space." (Texture / Canada)

Magical Melange (Times of India)

"Expressive sound world where virtuosos meet on equal terms." (UNT)

Group members
Anders Hagberg: flutes, soprano saxophone, ambient sounds
Johannes Lundberg: double bass, voice
Joona Toivanen: piano, zither
Helge Andreas Norbakken: percussion

Ahmad al Khatib: oud
Lisbeth Diers: percussion

The musicians are all internationally established and have performed with a number of artists and groups in jazz, folk, chamber and contemporary music.