Singing ensemble Amanda

Singing ensemble Amanda

Run with several successful performances behind you.

The singing ensemble Amanda was formed in Gothenburg in 1981 and consists of a collection of musicians, actors, doctors, teachers and systems analysts as well as the occasional artist who drives a taxi and a stick blogger. The choir has become a concept in the music world and a favorite for the large audience with its scenic and subversive performances. Maybe it's due to the group's strong desire to touch and be touched in the meetings that the music creates.

Amanda does not work as a traditional choir, not as an orchestra, not as a dance group and not as a theater company. On the other hand, it can be said that the group moves quite well between all these forms of expression. A large part of the material is produced by members of the ensemble, but they also pick up other people's music and lyrics and give them new interpretations. The repertoire includes rock and pop songs, folk music from around the world, classical art music, songs and percussion. With her unique stage presence and her fearless and curious mix of tones, words and movement, Amanda is constantly finding new audiences.

There have been countless trips, workshops, collaborations and musical meetings. And after almost 40 years, Amanda manages with the piece of art to hold together and above all continue to develop. The diverse group of choir members and their varying influences have created a unique artistic tension that challenges and develops the boundaries of what choir singing can be.